Error 407: A Comprehensive Overview, Possible Causes and Troubleshooting Steps

Error 407 is an authentication error, if you get this while browsing please follow the steps described in this article. Error 407 can be fixed from your proxiesforyou account. Just locate the order ID of the proxy that’s returning this error and go to Plan Authentication.

If you were trying your proxy with user/pass please make sure that username/password authentication is enabled and that you’re using the correct credentials.

If you opted for IP authentication please make sure that your current home/work IPv4 IP is authorized to use the proxy. If you do not see it on the list of authorized IPs please add it and then click Save.

Our website automatically detects your IP so adding it should be very easy.

*Note that you can only authorize IPv4 IPs, if your IP is detected as an IPv6 please google what is my IPv4 IP

 posted on 21 Jun 2021 in category: Technical Setup , updated: Monday, 29 Jan
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