Learn how static residential proxies can improve the online presence and security of your business
Improve your online security with our secure and affordable proxies
Static residential proxies are a combination between datacenter proxies and residential proxies: they are private proxies announced on real ISP lines but hosted in datacenters.
How to setup a proxy with Firefox
After completing the registration process on, simply follow these instructions:
No configuration is required to use our private proxies. Simply copy and paste the proxy addresses in either the "ip:port" or "ip:port:user:pass" format into your software or browser, and you're good to go. It's that easy!
How to setup a proxy with Internet Explorer (IE)
Our client area provides you with all the information regarding your orders and allows you to easily manage your proxies. You can download your proxy list, replace proxies, and even authorize or adjust your user/pass details.
How to setup a proxy with Google Chrome
Error 407 is an authentication error, if you get this while browsing please follow the steps described in this article.