Service Restriction For Fraud

In any unfortunate instance involving fraud attempts, reserves the right to take swift and decisive action. We retain the authority to terminate your access to any part or the entirety of our Service, as well as any associated service(s), with or without prior notice, and such termination will be effective immediately. This proactive measure is implemented to safeguard our platform and its users from potential threats and maintain the highest standards of security.

Our zero-tolerance policy extends to the misuse of our proxies for any unlawful activities. Any abuse complaint received, particularly those related to fraud or hacking, will be subjected to thorough investigation. We prioritize the well-being of our community, and we take every step necessary to address and rectify any concerns regarding the misuse of our services.

Please do not buy proxies from our website if your intent is to employ them for illegal purposes. Our services are designed to empower users with secure and reliable proxies for legitimate needs. It is our collective responsibility to maintain the integrity of online activities and uphold the principles of ethical use.

 posted on 21 Jun 2021 in category: Service Restrictions , updated: Sunday, 28 Jan
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