Refund Conditions?
Refund Conditions?

Refund Conditions?

When you place an order you automatically agree to our refund conditions. We generally offer a 3-day money back guarantee but there are certain exceptions, please read all the information carefully.

We offer a 3-day money back guarantee only for technical issues with our proxies (down proxy server). We do not issue any refunds for the inability to use our proxies on a specific website or service.However, we offer free trials so feel free to request one if you want to test one of our proxies before purchasing.

We cannot control bans or flags so we do not offer refunds for any potential bans that arise after the product was purchased. If you plan to use the proxies on sneaker websites please note that we do not offer refunds for any bans that occur during a release.

If you forgot to cancel your PayPal subscription we also do not typically offer refunds as it is your responsibility to cancel your agreement when you no longer need our service. If we decide to help you it is out of courtesy and we will only do it once as long as you notify us within 3 days.

For refund requests please open a ticket on our website with subject ‘refund request’.

 posted on 27 Jul 2017 in category: Refunds , updated: 10 Jul 2021
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