7 Reasons to Buy Proxies from Proxiesforyou.com

We know there are plenty of proxy providers to choose from right now and we always recommend doing some research before you buy proxies. This is why we decided to list the main reasons why you should really buy private proxies or shared proxies from us.

1. Our prices are very competitive

Our proxies have a fixed price. It doesn’t matter whether you buy proxies in large quantities or you only need one proxy, our price per proxy is the same. Shared proxies are the cheapest ones for obvious reasons, private datacenter proxies have mid-range prices ($2 per proxy) and static residential proxies (ISP proxies) cost $5 per proxy because they are of the best quality.

We also have active coupons so prices can go down even more, especially if you want to buy proxies in bulk.

2. We have a user-friendly dashboard from where you can manage all your proxies

The difference between us and other proxy providers is that we are not resellers. We manage our proxy servers ourselves and our dashboard enables you to fully manage your proxy authentication (set up user/pass, authorize your IP), change proxy protocol between HTTP and SOCKS5 or replace proxies. There is no need to contact us for any of these changes.

3. We’ve been around since 2015

We have been providing proxy services for a long time and we are here to stay. We are constantly trying to add new products and features and we are open to any suggestions from our customers.

4. We have an affiliate program

If you have a website, a blog or just a group of friends who might need to buy private proxies you can recommend us and make extra money with no effort! Every time someone buys using your affiliate link you will receive a commission (usually 20%) and once you reach $100 you can request a payout.

5. Our static residential proxies are from various ISP providers

We currently provide static residential proxies from ISPs such as Cogent, Sprint or AT&T but we will add many more ISPs in the future. Unlike with other proxy providers, when you you place your order you can choose one ISP or a mix of ISPs and this works best for customers who do not know which static residential proxy ISP works best for them.

6. We offer several payment methods

We currently take PayPal and card payments through Stripe but you can also buy proxy with bitcoin as alternative payment method. For bitcoin payments please contact us.

7. Our proxy plans are suitable for any online activity

We have proxy plans that suit any customer’s needs. We are here to provide solutions for basic needs with our shared proxies and private datacenter proxies or for high IP quality needs and good reputation scores that require the use of static residential proxies. Our private proxies are exactly what you need if you are looking for Amazon proxies, Ebay proxies, social media proxies, gaming proxies or simply looking to buy dedicated proxies for day-to-day online activities.
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 posted on Friday, 17 Feb in category: Online Privacy , updated: Friday, 31 Mar