Why Choose our Private Proxy Service

Why Choose our Private Proxy Service

With the abundance of proxy services in the market, selecting the right one can be daunting. It's crucial to conduct thorough research to ensure you get the best value and performance for your investment. When choosing a private proxy service, you need to consider factors such as pricing, reliability, customer support, and the specific features that meet your needs.

Competitive prices for shared proxies & private proxies

Our shared proxies and private proxies are priced competitively, regardless of the quantity you purchase. Whether you need one proxy or a large batch, the price per proxy remains the same:

Shared Proxies: These are the most affordable option. Ideal for basic needs and less sensitive tasks, shared proxies offer great value for money.
Private Datacenter Proxies: Priced at $2 per proxy, these proxies provide a balance of cost and functionality. They are perfect for medium-priority tasks where reliability and speed are important.
Static Residential Proxies (ISP Proxies): At $5 per proxy, these offer the highest quality. Linked to real ISPs, they are less likely to be detected and banned, making them suitable for critical and sensitive activities.

Additionally, we offer active coupons, reducing prices further, especially for bulk purchases. This ensures that you get the best value for your money regardless of your proxy needs.

Private Proxy Service with User-Friendly Dashboard

Unlike many providers, we manage our own proxy servers, not acting as resellers. Our intuitive dashboard allows you to:

Manage Proxy Authentication: Easily set up user/password combinations and authorize your IP address for seamless access.
Switch Proxy Protocols: Flexibly change between HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols based on your specific needs.
Replace Proxies: Effortlessly replace proxies without needing to contact support, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum convenience.
This level of control and flexibility is a significant advantage, enabling you to tailor your proxy use precisely to your requirements.

Private Proxy Service Since 2015

Having been in the proxy business since 2015, we have a proven track record and are continually expanding our product offerings and features based on customer feedback. Our long-standing presence in the industry means:

Experience: We have deep knowledge and expertise in providing reliable proxy services

Innovation: We are committed to adding new products and features regularly.

Customer Trust: Our longevity and consistent quality service have earned us the trust of many satisfied customers.

We are here to stay and constantly strive to improve our services based on your needs and suggestions.

We Help you Prosper with our Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program offers a great way to earn extra income. By sharing your affiliate link, you earn a commission (usually 20%) on every sale made through it. Benefits of our affiliate program include:

Passive Income: Earn money effortlessly by recommending our services.
Commission: Receive 20% commission on every sale generated through your link.
Payouts: Once your earnings reach $100, you can request a payout.
This program is perfect for website owners, bloggers, or anyone with a network of potential proxy users.

Static Residential Proxies from various ISPs

We provide static residential proxies from various ISPs like Cogent, Sprint, and AT&T, with more to come. When you place an order, you can select a specific ISP or a mix, which is ideal if you're unsure which ISP will best suit your needs. Key benefits include:

Variety: Access to proxies from multiple ISPs enhances reliability and reduces the risk of bans.

Customization: Choose the ISP that best fits your needs, ensuring optimal performance for your specific tasks.

Flexibility: Mix and match ISPs to find the perfect combination for your requirements. This level of customization ensures that you get proxies that are best suited for your specific use cases.

Multiple Payment Methods

We offer flexible payment options including PayPal, credit cards through Stripe, and Bitcoin. For Bitcoin payments, please contact us directly. Benefits of our payment options include:

Convenience: Multiple payment methods make it easy to complete transactions in a way that suits you.

Security: Secure payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe ensure your payment information is protected.

Flexibility: Bitcoin payments offer an additional layer of privacy and security for users who prefer cryptocurrency transactions.

Our diverse payment options are designed to accommodate various preferences and enhance your purchasing experience.

Private Proxy Service with Versatile Proxy Plans

Our proxy plans cater to a wide range of online activities:

Shared Proxies: Ideal for basic needs, such as general browsing or accessing less sensitive content. They offer an economical solution for those with limited budgets.

Private Datacenter Proxies: Perfect for mid-range requirements, these proxies provide a good balance of cost and functionality. Suitable for activities like web scraping, data mining, and accessing geo-restricted content.

Static Residential Proxies: Best for high IP quality and good reputation scores, making them ideal for sensitive tasks like managing social media accounts, online transactions, and accessing highly secure websites.

Our private proxies are suitable for various uses such as:

Amazon Proxies: Ensure smooth and uninterrupted access to Amazon for product research, price comparison, and more.
eBay Proxies: Manage multiple eBay accounts, perform bulk listing, and monitor competitors without risking bans.
Social Media Proxies: Perfect for managing multiple accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Gaming Proxies: Reduce lag and improve gaming performance by connecting through optimal IPs.
Dedicated Proxies: Ideal for day-to-day online activities requiring consistent and reliable IP addresses.

Choose us for reliable, versatile, and competitively priced proxy solutions tailored to meet your specific online needs.

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 posted on 17 Feb 2023 in category: Online Privacy , updated: Friday, 17 May