How Static Residential Proxies Work
How Static Residential Proxies Work

How Static Residential Proxies Work

Static residential proxies are a combination between datacenter proxies and residential proxies: they are private proxies announced on real ISP lines but hosted in datacenters. Using a residential proxy with a real ISP such as Comcast, Verizon, Sprint or AT&T helps users browse safely without risking any potential bans. The fact that static residential proxies are hosted in datacenters is an advantage because it enables good proxy speeds. If you are not convinced yet please read below, we have listed the advantages of using static residential proxies.

Reasons to Buy Static Residential Proxies

- Good speed
- Easy to configure in browser
- Good IP reputation depending on ISP
- IP consistency because IP does not change
- High compatibility with any software or program
- Both HTTP and SOCKS5 proxy protocols available
- No bandwidth limitations

Our static residential proxies are from well known ISPs such as AT&T and should be suitable for sneaker sites, survey work, social media accounts and any other online activity that requires the use of a fast and clean residential proxy. Buy static residential proxies now and upgrade your proxy experience with just a click!

*Please note that all sales are final and we cannot control any bans that may occur while using our static residential proxies.
 posted on 11 Sep 2022 in category: Unblock restricted content , updated: Wednesday, 01 Mar